Field Service Management &  Mobile Application

One source for tracking all details of field service.



Field Service is a cloud-based management solution that improves productivity and streamlines processes.

Integrating this solution with a mobile application there are more benefits, jobs are updated in real-time.



The dashboard in field service can be tailored to user preferences. Users are able to arrange the data by areas, statuses or service category and also filter data as they wish. 


Service call agents are notified of any information relating to the incident.

Email Alerts

Customers and site managers are informed as soon as an incident is assigned to a field agent and also when an incident has been resolved.

The email sent will also contain with compliance forms the field agent completed while on-site. Management is also informed of any overtime requested.


Overtime Approval

Service call agents can request overtime for the field agents and the authorized personnel to approve it is notified immediately.


With the integration with the sales and accounting module, once an incident is resolved an authorized service call agent can bill for the work done on-site. A billing status report is provided to know when and who marked the incident as billable.

Access Rights

Security is a priority, users are assigned to different roles namely admin, superuser and help-desk agent.

Each role has different tasks to perform in the system. E.g. Help-desk agent not allowed to bill incidents and super users can only view and edit data but not delete it.

The field service solution has an audit trail, actions are recorded to note who did what and when.



Mobile Application Features