Field Service Management

An integrated field service solution to manage:

  • Incidents

  • Field Agents

  • Distributed stock holding

  • Service Level Agreements

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Invoicing

  • Communication between help desk staff, customers and field service technicians

  • Customer incident work approval (sign on glass)

  • Health, Safety, Equipment and Environment Policies (HSEQ)

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Unveiling of Odoo 15


Summary Release Notes

The accounting module has been updated with chatter on journal and journal entry and a manual reconciliation for partners from aged balance and partner ledger. 

The CRM module has been updated with a pipeline combining messages and activities. Sales a unified button to add products to a sales order, whether it is a standard or customization product is included.

On point of sale a can set a default cash opening, cash closing and keep track of any cash difference.

In activities a new activity type selection has been added to request the upload of a document from a record.

In manufacturing a BoM version and the ongoing ECOs from the BoM Cost & Structure Report can be seen.